A bit about me…

I’ve always been active in some way, having been involved in dance, outdoor sports like climbing, kayaking, biking and bodybuilding since my early 20s. I did my first class of Inferno Hot HIIT Pilates about three years ago. I loved it so much, I took the teacher training straight away. It seemed to combine everything I love about exercise. I started with a little studio in my garage and now have moved on to a larger room in Mairangi Bay. I love helping my friends and neighbours get super fit. It is so fun and so inspiring watching my clients get strong.

The great thing about this modality is that it not only delivers a very intense workout and gets results really quickly, but it’s fast-paced, fun and safe! It’s never boring. I look forward to it in my day and look forward to seeing my students. My clients often tell me that they feel stronger after only a few weeks. Many of my clients say that this class is about the things they know they need to do, but don’t.

I believe in this modality: in the efficacy of HIIT and Pilates 100%. Come join us for some fun and watch yourself get strong, empowered and confident.

High-Intensity Interval Training

The exercises are intense, working one area at a time, for 8 sets in 20-30 second intervals until you feel the burn! The great thing is that anyone can do this because the exercises are all low impact. You can work at your own level as you create the intensity that’s right for you. I will push you to work hard, but I always want you to be safe and listen to your body first and foremost. We prioritise good form and technique over intensity always.

My Qualifications

  • Trained in Inferno Hot HIIT Pilates Nov. 2018
  • Trained in Suna Mat Pilates Nov. 2019
  • 2018 NZIFBB Masters Bikini Champ.
  • Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition, Massey University, 2010

HIIT Pilates Works!

We focus on building strength in the core, balancing out the strengths and weaknesses in each area which is so essential for moving well without pain and avoiding injury. This works wonders for people who sit, stand or lift in their jobs. You get a whole-body workout as well as the equivalent of about 40 minutes of regular cardio in one session. You’ll be sweating by the end of the class! We work hard but always enjoy the process!

I’m 58 and Pilates is keeping me fitter than I have ever been in my life. It really works! I intend to keep doing it and stay strong and fit well into old age!